Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beverly Hills bariatric surgeon claims he performs most lap band surgeries

Beverly Hills, CA
Dr. Michael Feiz, lead surgeon at the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center, has performed more Lap Band surgeries than any other doctor. For overweight Los Angeles residents, Lap Band surgery is the answer they have been looking for to shed the unhealthy weight and return to a more active life. Performed laparoscopic with almost no scarring, Lap Band surgery has the added benefit of enabling the patient to control their weight loss progress. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, Lap Band surgery does not involve the permanent reduction in size of the stomach. Instead, a small cinched section of plastic is placed around the upper area of the stomach, creating a temporarily shrunken stomach area for food to pass through. The other factor that makes Lap Band surgery so unique from gastric bypass is that the Lap Band is connected to a port that enables adjustment of the amount of solid food that can pass through the stomach. Finally, Lap Band
surgery is so attractive because it can be easily reversed by simply removing the Lap Band if something goes amiss.

A pioneer in successful Lap Band surgery, Dr. Michael Feiz of the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center has performed the world's most cosmetic Lap Band surgery. With degrees from UCLA, New York Medical College and a residency and fellowship at USC Medical Center and Cedars Sinai, Dr. Feiz is highly trained and skilled in Bariatric and minimally invasive surgery. All prospective Lap Band surgery patients who visit the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center must first undergo a full 360 degree evaluation of their health - mental and physical - as well as their habits and attitudes toward exercise and food.

Typical Los Angeles Lap Band surgery patients lose multiple pounds per week, but the real success after Lap Band surgery is keeping the weight off. The Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center ensures that their Lap Band surgery patients lose the weight and keep it off. So many people turn to the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center due to the success rate of this center.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weight-Loss Surgery Done With Just A Tiny Scar

Denver, CO
A bariatric surgeon in Denver is now performing weight loss surgery through just one small incision near the belly button. The technique is called SILS or single incision laparoscopic surgery. It's an innovative way of doing adjustable gastric band surgery -- it leaves just a tiny scar.

Dr. Michael Snyder is the first bariatric surgeon in the region to perform the SILS technique.

"I can make about a 3 centimeter incision and do all the work through just that 3 centimeter incision," said Snyder after performing his sixth SILS surgery at Rose Medical Center.

Patient Judy Lucas decided it was right for her. Sixteen years ago, the co-owner of Mutt Puddles Dog Grooming quit smoking and started gaining weight. At 5 feet 3 inches, she weighs 260 pounds.

"I've tried every diet in the book; I own every diet book," said Lucas. "Every day I get home from work, my legs are swollen, my back hurts. It's harder for me to do my job."

That pushed Lucas to weight-loss surgery. She chose to have an adjustable gastric band inserted to restrict her stomach and make her feel fuller. It's an operation normally done laparoscopically through about five small incisions. But using the SILS technique, Dr. Snyder operated through just one small cut near the belly button.

"It doesn't change the operation at all, it just changes the access points," said Snyder.

It was a 45-minute surgery. Lucas went home the same day.

"I think the healing process is going to be a lot easier, " she said.

She has already lost 14 pounds. Her goal is to lose at least 100.

The SILS technique was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in May 2008. It is also being used in removing gall bladders and appendixes.

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