Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stompaphyx gastric bypass revision

Miami Beach, FL
A quarter of a million obese Americans undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss every year, but 20 percent of those surgeries will fail with time, doctors said.

That's what happened to Darlene Dillard, who regained 30 pounds after losing 100.

"My gastric bypass started failing five to six years out of the surgery," she said. "Increased appetite, the urge to eat constantly."

So, Dillard became the first South Florida patient to have Stomaphyx, a natural orifice surgery performed without any incisions.

"There's a suction apparatus that sucks the inside of the pouch, then we fire this double T fastener," said Dr. Michel Gagner of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The suction creates folds that reduce the stomach size. In Dillard's case, doctors said they had to use 18 T fasteners around her stomach.

"I do have some discomfort in the lower chest area," Dillard said. "Not pain, just discomfort."

Dillard's doctors said they worry about bleeding from inside from the fasteners.

"They can create a little amount of bleeding," Gagner said.

Dillard said 24 hours after the procedure she was ready to go home.

Stomaphyx is for patients who have regained weight after bariatric surgery.

"It's going to be more for the 100 pounds or less of weight loss," Gagner said. "Because it is a restrictive operation. It restricts the volume in the inside of the stomach."

Mount Sinai Medical Center is one of only two hospitals using Stomaphyx for gastric bypass revision.

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