Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gastric bypass surgery: Couple sticks together through thick and thin

Lehi, UT
A couple in Utah County went under the knife together on a weight loss journey in hopes of losing hundreds of pounds.

The couple is Mike and Lorena Downey. The two took their vows 26 years ago promising to love each other in good times or bad, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health and to see each other through thick and thin.

When they married, in 1983, Mike and Lorena had a combined total weight of just under 300 pounds, but this year they tipped the scales at almost 600 pounds.

“I look in the mirror, I’m not happy with who I see. When I got to 270 pounds it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it. I was so close to 300 pounds,” said Lorena.

Although the Downeys were happily married with children, their weight slowly started to come between them.

“How could you look at your wife and say you’re not the woman I married, when you’re looking at yourself and saying you’re not the man she married,” said Mike.

The two knew something had to be done and began researching options. In a desperate effort to shed the weight they turned to gastric bypass surgery. After deciding that the surgery’s pros outweighed the cons they chose to do the surgery together.

They went to St. Mark’s hospital where Lorena had her surgery on October 7th and Mike had his one week later.

Gastric bypass surgery is growing more popular every day as America’s obesity epidemic tips the scales. The surgery has been known to save lives but there can also be life changing drawbacks.

Their journey consisted of three trips to the ER during the week of Mike’s surgery and complications for Lorena resulting in two additional surgeries.

Both are fine and after just five weeks the couple has lost nearly 100 pounds. They have been walking everyday and both say they’re feeling better and have more energy.
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